Why choose us ?

Why the Kopel Haus Team?

Whatever you do, choose what's best, more sustainable, more responsible!

Our goal is to offer people the latest technology, Eco materials to help them build independent buildings.
Our team offers the fully-equipped Kopel Haus or can implement the latest technology separately on any existing building
In short, we are a band of passionate engineers and with the desire to implement state-of-the-art technology in the field of construction; ECO technologies, as they are:
• PV energy
• High-performance interior insulating solutions such as rigid cork. The cork ensures the highest degree of thermal and sound insulation
• Decorative plasters from the sprayed cork, compared to any other type of decorative plaster, the cork facade provides, besides the aesthetic intake, a thermal, sound, anti-dust, anti-cracking insulation and last but not least an ECO
• Ventilation solutions with heat recovery
• Heated ventilating or hot forced air ventilation, fully automated thermosemine heat exchanger and pellet function
• Centralized aspiration involves a complex duct system for dust absorption in a centralized system (aspirator) mounted in the storehouse of the building
• Smart Home Smart Home Solutions, the main advantage of this technology is the control and management of the phone, for any electrical device
• LED lighting, technology that consumes 10 times less than conventional lighting. LED efficiency is achieved with a consumption of only 10% compared to classical bulbs
• The resistance structure made of lamellar wood, treated and fireproof, in addition to the structure is inset with the shell of a turtle, which makes it indestructible to any wind, tornado or earthquake. The connection elements between the wooden rods are joined by the "Wood Welding" technology, factory-assembled multicolor boards, perfectly connected.
Suna Acum