Underfloor heating

Multi-zone control, remote remote control on your phone

The heating system proposed by us is the hybrid fireplace - floor - solar radiation Floor heating systems are a prerequisite for the comfort of your home, a pleasant and agreeable life. In recent years, underfloor heating systems have begun to be widely used. Underfloor heating is an excellent solution for heating your home. With the implementation of this system, the heat will be transmitted evenly through the tubes that were mounted in the concrete floor screed, then propagating throughout the home. The main advantage of this heating system is that it achieves maximum efficiency in heating the room. Comfort will be felt to the fullest by warm flooring, propagating the heat on a much wider surface.
Unlike conventional radiator systems, floor heating brings the following benefits: -Easy comfort - The heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface -Reduce Amount of Dust and prevent the appearance of mold.
-Save valuable space in your home.
The main advantages, Innovative technology:
Get rid of worries about defects or leaks The ideal temperature in the house in just 30 minutes after the system starts Lifetime up to 100 years old

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