Smart Home

Central Unit

The Home Center Lite controller is the device used to control the FIBARO system. Can communicate with up to 230 modules and sensors installed in your home with the help of the Z-Wave wireless protocol. Home Center Lite gives you an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with which you can create advanced scenarios. The controller is equipped with a new and fast data recovery system saved in the cloud.

Door / Window Sensor

The FIBARO Door / Window Sensor is battery powered and operates under The Z-Wave standard. The sensor extends the capabilities of the system through monitoring The opening of doors or windows or garage doors.
Used in control Automatic lighting, access control or alarm systems. Has a The shape that puts it in a small casing and is available in 7 different colors, Allowing for discreet installation and integration.

Flood Sensor

The FIBARO Flood Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave compatible flood and temperature sensor, designed to be placed on the floor or on the wall with a cable extension for the flood sensor. The device has a battery that can have a 2 year battery life, powered by 12/24 VDC. The device incorporates an LED indicator and acoustic alarm and features a tilt sensor that reports any sensor movement. The LED indicator indicates the flood, mode Operating or device radius in the Z-Wave network.

Motion Sensor

The Fibao Motion Sensor is a universal, multi-sensor, Z-Wave compatible sensor. This device incorporates motion sensor, temperature sensor and light sensor (luxmeter). Additionally, with the help of the vibration sensor, it can detect the attempted manipulation or an earthquake. The FIBARO Motion Sensor is battery-powered, completely wireless, and the design of the housing allows quick installation without any changes on any surface. The "eye" of the sensor will visually indicate the movement, the temperature level (depending on the display), the operating mode or the device's radius of action in the Z-Wave network.

Smoke sensor

The FIBARO Smoke Sensor is an ultra-light sensor equipped with a universal, battery-powered opto-smoke detector that operates under standard Z-Wave technology designed to be installed on the ceiling. The smoke alarm is signaled with a built-in siren, with a light signal by means of an LED, and at the same time by sending commands to the devices in the Z-Wave network. Additionally, the device is equipped with a sensor that can trigger an alarm after the set threshold has been exceeded

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