Indestructible shape

The structure is made of lamellar wood, dry fireproof and bonded with the clamps of the mutice clamps. The joint process is based on the multicore metal connector, which is actually a pre-galvanized steel plate With many spikes or many nails highlighted on one side of the board. The connectors are pressed onto the wood surface using large ones Hydraulic presses so that the nails are firmly attached to the material. In this way, wood elements can be joined to create With easy and firm resilience, or other structures.

Fast installation within 2 months, location in any area even for attics. The house can be placed on the chair and on the water, sloping ground. Depending on the surface you choose one of the available foundation solutions: pillars, floating concrete, floating floor, classical foundation, infill pillars.

Installation on concrete cups.


Floating concrete pontoon


Mounting on insulated pillars.
The least invasive system!


Classic insulated foundation and exterior exterior.

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