ECO lighting

LEDs are the latest and most efficient lighting technology.

LEDs and LED luminaires are the solution for efficient, long-lasting lighting. The advantages of LEDs are economic and technical. First, the efficiency of LEDs is superior to classical light bulbs with filament, neon, etc. Besides, the efficiency of the optical system is superior because it is achieved with lenses. All of this, combined, leads to a much higher overall efficiency than classical solutions. This will be reflected in the energy consumption and low maintenance of LED lighting systems. Practically, in a relatively short time, LEDs are cushioned from energy savings and service costs.

Extremely long life

Appreciated as the operating time in which the light output drops to 80% of the initial value. The LEDs used by Electromax have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, tested in the laboratory by the manufacturer

Energy savings of up to 90%

Higher net relation to other types of light sources between the light output emitted and the electricity consumption. This is due to the specialized optical system and the efficiency of the power supplies used.

Rich Chromatic

Available in a range of basic colors that can be combined to get the desired color palette without requiring additional color filters. Controllable light effects allow light and chromatic scenario adjustment.


LEDs conserve energy and do not contain mercury or other toxic substances such as gas-discharge light sources and are fully recyclable. Moreover, by using LED lighting we help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. Emit cold light Without UV or IR radiation at the harmful level, the light does not heat the illuminated surface. UV radiation affects the eyes and damages textiles, and IRs cause burns

Instant Ignore

The ignition is instantaneous and flicker due to the absence of a gaseous medium and its heating time, as in the case of fluorescent lamps. Low maintenance With almost zero maintenance, LED light sources are suitable for mounting in hard-to-reach places.
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