Central suction system

Why a centralized suction system?

Because we want a healthy environment even in our home without dirt and dust, because we want a better air quality. As a result of our studies, it was found that the air we breathe in the house is up to six times more polluted and more charged than the air we breathe out. In the last half century, the number of asthma cases and allergies has tripled as a result of increasing pollution. It is very important to maintain a healthy environment not only clean surfaces without dust and dirt, but we also need a better quality of the air we breathe. All these desires have come true ... the new Electrolux Oxygen suction system can be used in villas with generous surfaces and block apartments. The centralized suction system has been designed to prevent allergy symptoms and to create a pleasant, clean and hygienic environment in the interior.

Advantages of centralized suction system

The advantage of the centralized aspiration system is that it does not transmit dust particles aspirate back to the living space as it happens with conventional vacuum cleaners currently used, bringing real benefits to people with respiratory illnesses, newborns or dust-allergic people. Besides these benefits, the advantages of this system are countless ... the suction process is done in this case without the need to walk the vacuum cleaner all over the house or to crawl on the stairs in the arms without creating strong noise and To wake up family members or neighbors without having to wipe dust off after sucking and without having to open windows anymore. Because the equipment is mounted in the technical room away from the inhabited rooms, the whole system becomes very silent and discreet allowing you to suck even if someone rests in the room.
We breathe a much more polluted air into the house than outside and we encounter three times more cases of asthma and allergies than 40 years ago. The importance of maintaining a healthy environment, the need to have not only impeccable surfaces, no dirt and dust, but also an improvement in the quality of the air we breathe, gave rise to an innovative cleaning system that can be used both in villas with surfaces Generous apartments and blocks of flats or studios. The centralized suction system was designed to prevent allergy symptoms and to turn the interior into a clean and hygienically safe place. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it does not send the micropraf aspirating particles back into the living space, being beneficial to people with respiratory, neonatal, allergic persons and not only!
In addition to these properties, the benefits of the system are multiple. Aspiration is done in the present case without pulling the vacuum cleaner through the house or climbing the stairs with him in his arms without opening the windows without wiping the dust after suction and without waking his neighbors or family members with the loud noise of the engine. Because the central unit is remote from the inhabited rooms, it is very discreet and silent and allows you to vacuum even when someone rests in the room. A series of specially designed accessories make it easy to clean even in those areas of the house where it is difficult: corners, radiators, beams, wardrobes, etc. It is possible to aspirate not only dust on the floor, but also on any other surface (terracotta, marble, sandstone, wood or textile). Being a system in itself and not an electrical appliance, its suction power is much higher than any other vacuum cleaner. Frequent questions

What is the fee charged to install a suction system?

A central suction system is definitely not a luxury item. The estimated cost varies depending on the installation from the simplest to the most complex. Get in touch with our Technical Department for tips on the suction system, which is best for you and your home.

When should a suction system be installed?

The suction system is very easy to install. It is recommended to install it when the house is under construction or during renovations. However, we treat each individual project, so please send us your own assessment requirements.

Is it possible to aspire water?

The suction system has been designed to suck liquids and flammable materials, such as hot ash. To do this, you should always use our Ash and Liquid Interceptor, which is specifically designed for this purpose. By this we can capitalize on the suction power of our system to intercept liquid and ash without potential for problems in the pipeline that results from the suction of such materials or liquids.

Do we need to connect or disconnect the suction system from the power grid every time we start or end up?

The damping system is activated by means of a low-voltage connection from the intake valves to the suction unit. Once you connect the hose from the intake valve, it will start automatically or through the hose handle (depending on the chosen accessory model).

How often do I recommend that the filter be cleaned or replaced?

There are airborne systems that incorporate a system that monitors maintenance requirements will show on the display panel. For units that do not have this facility, depending on the degree of use, it is recommended to empty the dust container and change the filter every two months. This should be used as a guide, but it all depends on the features of the installation, the selected system of suck and the system usage habits.
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